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You Pull It, I'll build it

Engine - Bring your vehicle to our shop in Clearwater, Florida, for auto repair and auto maintenance services for engines and transmissions.

    I Can understand  how it is to work on your own car. You see, I had to fix all my own car's and I still do. Now How can I help you ?

   Most all Automatic Overdrive, Computer Contralled Transmission's I have done over the year's I have been able to build, with a Tork Converter for under $ 1,000. This also include's a few hard part's.   GM  4L60-E, Ford 4R70W, Dodge 42RE

    GM 700R4, Ford AOD, Dodge A518  With Converter's $ 800

    GM 350, 400  Ford C-4, C-6   Dodge 904, 727    With Converter's $500

Out of City or State you must add  Fright. I called one place and thay said, From

Tampa, Florida to Chicago $1 a pound. Tampa to LA $1.50 Lb. But thats only one Company. The closer the cheeper. Hell, Come to Clearwater, We'll Go Fishing. Stay a day or Two and I build it while you are sun bathing.

Just Call Me, We'll Talk.



          There is no ploblem For this. You know As I, that if a Transmission work's for 30 day's it will last. So how's this, I will give you a 90 day nation wide warranty on only the transmisssion. Not the R&R. So if theirs a broblem that Me and you can not fix over the phone, You can take it to one off my warranty shop's and thay will fix it. At my cost, not your's. Most of the time it will not need to come back out. But understand, only the transmission is covered, not the R&R. Remeber 98% of the time it is not a problem with a Rebuild. It's eather Electrical or Valve body. All the Electraical part's in the transmassion will be new.

So Call my 800 number and you'll talk about how we can get you a Rebuilt Transmission.

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