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Let's Build a Transmission


Auto Repair - Bring your vehicle to our shop in Clearwater, Florida, for auto repair and auto maintenance services for engines and transmissions.


As I Have said earlier, I have been building Transmission's for 25 year's. You are a Professional Mechanic. You have the tools and the equptment to do this job. You only need some help. Let me ask you, If I, a Transmission mechanic, called you, could you, with the time, talk me though  rebuilding a engine? I say, yes, you could step by step, you could tell me how it came apart and how it goes back togeather. it might take all day, but yes, you could. Well I think I could do the same with a Transmission. If you where to call me and I had the time, I know I could, step by step, tell you how to take apart and rebuild a transmission. It's the time, Time is important. For time is money. So even if this take's 2 day's 16 hour's for you to do this job and you make $1,000 on the whole job that's still $63 an hour. Me as a Transmission professional can pull, Build & install in 8 hour's.

Just Call Me, We'll Talk.

Here's How, 

 First, Pull the pan, If it is full of metal it may not be worth the time to try. Changing hard parts can by tricky. It takes years of expance to match up parts. It would be safer to send you a rebuilt one. But, If the vehicle is only Slipping or water was in the fluid, then I think we can do this. 

     If you want to try, call me. I will need the year,make, modal, engine size. With this I can tell you the transmission. Order my parts and Converter, I can overnight everything to you along with a DVD step by step  on how this transmission come's apart, what to look for, to tell bad part's from good and step by step how to but it back together. If their is a hard part that is bad, we can get it to you  overnight. Plus, You can always call me for help.

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